Custom Hardware Development

With over 30 years’ experience, we have designed and fabricated hundreds of circuits and can create just about anything you can imagine. Explore our portfolio to see the range of projects we’ve completed. You may find one that’s close to what you need.

Got Firmware?
If your design requires firmware we can help you select a micro-controller that will address your current challenges and keep up with your ever-evolving needs. We support all firmware with lifetime updates that you control.

You’re looking for reliability, robustness, and efficient design cycles. We are proud to claim that we’re certified by Altium, the world’s leading electronic design software, as a Professional Design Service Bureau.


IoX – The Internet of Everything

It seems like EVERYTHING is becoming Internet connected! You’re even seeing the need to get your own devices connected. We can guide you, set your course and keep you on the right path. Today there are a multitude of wireless technologies that can connect your devices to each other, to other devices, or to the cloud. We’ll help you navigate the airscape, integrate the best technologies for your application and guide you through the process of getting your project connected.

Step one is selecting the right wireless technology. That decision will then point us to a plethora of components and modules that are best suited to that technology. Together we will explore the best components or modules, while educating you on their use. If a custom solution is called for, our deep circuit design and firmware experience will work to bring your product to life – ready to connect to the world. Find out just how easy it is to get connected. 

Digital Image Sensor Solutions

Let’s give your product the ability to see the world! The myriad number of optical and electrical variables in a today’s image sensing system is seemingly endless. Selecting the right combination of technologies can be frustrating. Consider these challenges, combined with how difficult to find an off-the-shelf solution that meets all your needs, and you quickly realize that your “perfect solution” may feel like it’s beyond your grasp.

Fear not! We design custom image sensing solutions from the ground up — based on your exact project specifications. And, since you own the final design, we can tweak the hardware and software as needed to keep up with your growing needs. This level of flexibility and customization isn’t available with off-the-shelf solutions.

We take this issue of flexibility to the extreme by being image sensor agnostic.  Sony, OmniVision, OnSemi, Toshiba – each of these sensors has their strong points and compromises. We’ll help you select the right image sensor then put our substantial circuit design and firmware experience to work to open the eyes of your visionary product. Find out how to tackle your image sensing challenges.


Prototyping and Production

Beyond design is prototype and production of real-world, honest-to-goodness, working gadgets. We don’t just design things like other firms, WE BUILD THINGS TOO! The full-spectrum of prototype build services is at your disposal and will get your vision into your hands.

Once you see your ideas come to life, you may be ready for the next step. We provide in-house production services for low volume projects and outside contract manufacturing management services for medium to high volume projects.

We’re here to support you when you get beyond the design phase.

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