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Circuit Board Design

McGilvra Engineering is a Certified Design Bureau for Altium, a leading supplier of Electronic Design Automation software. Schematic design, printed circuit board layout and bill of material generation are the primary work of electronic design. This is where all the years of experience meet all the demands of quality design work.

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Embedded Firmware

We write firmware for the ARM microcontroller family, the Microchip family, Texas Instruments, Cypress PSoC and more. We utilize various development platforms and try to match them to our customer’s for seamless development transition. We use the open-source GNU-based platform that allows our customers to implement a zero-cost matching platform.

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Prototype / Production

We have full prototyping and production capabilities. Board assembly, enclosure, wire harness, cabling, machining, 3D printing and custom molding are some of the build services we provide. We also provide full production services and we support the transition effort should you chose to build your own or take it elsewhere.


Design Spaces…

We specialize in analog circuit design, image sensing and embedded systems. Analog design covers a broad range of technologies including sensor interfacing, human-machine interfaces such as capacitive-touch, analog signal processing, and analog control such as servos. Data acquisition systems typically have an analog front end to condition the signals for the digitization process.

Image Sensing…

Image sensing solutions benefit from major advances in sensor technology in the past few years. High-dynamic range and high-resolution sensors are now widely available and affordable. Also, sensors with fully integrated wafer-level optics and image processing core make a fully functional camera quick to design and inexpensive to build. These image sensing solutions have greatly expanded the possible image display and embedded vision applications.

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And so much more…

Visit our Portfolio to see some examples. It is impossible to list all the areas we work in and services we provide. After thirty-some years, the list is long. Calling us is the only way to know if our skills match your needs. And if we can’t help you, chances are we know someone who can.

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