We Build Prototypes for All Our Designs

Prototyping is an essential part of a design that can save the cost of developing a flawed product. At McGilvra Engineering, prototyping is part of our DNA. We’re believers because we know prototyping validates design choices and gives clients the opportunity to see their products in operation. Prototype tests detect design flaws so the engineering team can remove them before proceeding with full-scale production.


We Want You to Enjoy the Benefits of Prototyping

Our design team takes care to engage with you throughout the design process. We have a company culture of listening closely to our clients so we can address every project detail. By using probing questions during our client meetings and taking careful note of your answers, we build a comprehensive picture of what you want for your product.

Our client-centered approach eliminates ambiguities or misconceptions in design in the prototype and in the final product. The extra care we take makes us confident that we create products that closely match what our clients envision. Even though we take care during every phase of the design and development process, we still build prototypes to test our builds. Prototyping offers the benefits of:

  • Seeing the product in action and garnering buy-in for the design before going into production.
  • Addressing any issues that are out of sync with clients’ requirements.
  • Identifying changes or improvements early in the process.
  • Correcting problems in the development stage than later on in the process.
  • Delivering a high-quality end product.

In the digital product design and development process, we believe that it is better to prototype sooner rather than later. Prototypes can develop from simple sketches to full-scale models as the design progresses. An important aspect of prototyping is that it enables us to communicate design progress with you in a tangible form that facilitates idea sharing.


Quality Is Our Highest Priority During Prototype Production

Unlike many other electronic design companies that focus purely on design, we can provide in-house production services for low-volume projects. For high-volume product production runs, we have manufacturing partners with whom we’ve established working relationships. These partners understand our processes and agree to give us production oversight, control of each production phase and the ability to test products to ensure quality control.

McGilvra Engineering offers quality prototyping and production facilities to get your product to market in the shortest time. Contact us today to start your project off right.

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