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Tesla Motors

Steering-wheel mounted switch and thumb-wheel modules allow the driver to operate critical functions without releasing the wheel. The modules communicate with the vehicle via a LIN-Bus link.

Advanced Vision Systems

HDR Camera Module A camera module used to demonstrate the superior image quality of a high dynamic range (HDR) image sensor. This module has automotive grade electronics and power supply. An I2C [...]

Autonomous Surface Craft

A small autonomous surface craft was developed to monitor sub-surface activity as part of a Defense Advanced Research Agency (DARPA) program. Our responsibility was the communications and control [...]

Los Angeles Police Dept.

Jet Engine Monitor Monitors all major engine parameters for turbine powered helicopters. Rotor torque, engine temperature, turbine speeds and others are continuously logged and compared against [...]


Stradivarius Thickness Mapping System An acoustic engineer believed the tonal quality of Stradivarius violins was a result of minute thickness variations in the front and back panels. We built a [...]

Battery Discharge Test System

Battery Discharge Test System A system was developed to test EV battery health by discharging them while monitoring the cell voltage. A custom data acquisition board was designed that contained [...]

Greenhouse RFID System

A commercial greenhouse with over 20 acres under it's roofs asked us to develop and deploy a system to monitor the location each tray of plants as they moved their way from seeding to shipping. [...]