IoX – The Internet of Everything

The Internet of Things (IoT) connects physical devices and objects via the internet, enabling inter-communication and intelligent decision making. The Internet of Everything (IoX) builds another layer on top of the IoT by connecting people and allowing them to access processes and data. IoX technology enables companies to digitize their products and processes. It will change the way many industries do business and enable enterprises to work faster and smarter.


We Can Implement IoX for Your Business

Sensors are a critical element of IoX technology and systems. They are essential for gathering data that used to make intelligent decisions. There is a vast range of sensors on the market and it can become confusing and frustrating to choose a sensor that fits your requirements. We can help select the right sensors to connect your products and devices.

At McGilvra Engineering, we have the technical expertise to evaluate available sensor options to find a good fit for your business. However, sometimes the right sensor doesn’t exist. We can still help. We’re sensor experts with years of experience behind us, so we often modify an off-the-shelf sensor or adapt one of our previous designs to meet your business’s needs. Sensor modifications aren’t always practical, so the third option is to create one from scratch. Our team can custom design sensors for your IoX system and build in the flexibility to adapt to changing requirements as your business grows.

Wireless technology is fundamental to connecting your devices to each other or to the cloud. There is a multitude of wireless technologies available today and it is important to select the right one for your application. Our engineers can assist you to choose the right wireless options for your business.

Then, we can select the best components and modules for your Internet of Everything system. Off-the-shelf IoX systems exist, but there’s no guarantee those ready-made solutions will be the right fit for your needs. We can modify IoX systems or design a system from the ground up. If a custom solution is called for, you can rely on our extensive experience in deep circuit design and the selection of firmware to get you connected.


We Include Clients in Every Phase of the Process

We cannot design an IoX system in isolation. Every system is unique and we need you to be involved in the process to ensure the system meets your requirements. The initial phase of IoX development involves you defining what you want to achieve through this level of connectivity. This, in turn, will identify the devices, processes, and people to be connected.

Then, we guide you through the process of selecting the right equipment and technologies to get you connected. We evaluate off-the-shelf options that may be a good fit for your business. Finding such a solution shortens the project’s timeline and saves on IoX network development costs.

McGilvra Engineering works hard to find a suitable off-the-shelf Internet of Everything solution to fit clients’ needs before modifying an IoX system or developing a custom IoX solution. You can depend on our engineers’ IoX experience and our deep circuit design and firmware knowledge to provide you and your business with the best and most cost-effective IoX solution.


We are driven to find you the most cost-effective IoX solution!

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