Custom Circuit Boards

With over 30 years’ experience, McGilvra Engineering has a solid reputation in the design and fabrication of circuit boards for an extensive range of applications. We are experts in circuit board design and our expertise is called for when off-the-shelf circuit boards do not meet your needs. Using our state-of-the-art tools and methods, we will develop the ideal solution for your application.

McGilvra Engineering has been certified as a Professional Design Service Bureau by Altium, a global electronic design software company, in recognition of our expertise in circuit board design. During this process, our design team addresses the electrical, mechanical and thermal aspects that are essential to maximize product performance and ensure long-term reliability.

All designs are validated by developing and testing a prototype so that any design changes can be made before the product goes into full-scale production. We adhere to strict quality standards through each phase of your custom circuit board development and fabrication process.



Got Firmware?
If your design requires firmware we can help you select a micro-controller that will address your current challenges and keep up with your ever-evolving needs. We support all firmware with lifetime updates that you control.


IoX – The Internet of Everything

The Internet of Everything (IoX) connects people via the internet with processes and data derived from interconnected objects. IoX technology changes the way businesses operate, enabling them to work smarter and faster. Sensors are an essential element of IoX because they facilitate the gathering of data.

McGilvra Engineering has the knowledge and expertise to evaluate and select the right sensors for your application. If we are unable to modify an off-the-shelf sensor to meet your needs, we are able to custom design one from scratch. Our engineers will assist you with the selection of wireless technology to connect your devices to the system. We have extensive experience in deep circuit design and firmware selection and can modify IoX systems to suit your requirements, or design and build a system from the ground up. We involve you in every phase of the process to ensure the system meets your needs.

Digital Image Sensor Solutions

McGilvra Engineering has the technical expertise to design custom image sensing solutions for your application. Before we go down that path, our engineers will evaluate off-the-shelf sensor solutions to try and identify an option that suits your requirements. However, a customized solution will meet your needs exactly and will offer you more flexibility in hardware and software to accommodate changing needs as your business grows. Our engineers have the skills to design a custom image sensing solution for you from the ground up.

We involve you throughout the process of custom development and conduct regular review meetings to ensure your project stays on track. We believe that by including your input and making any design changes early on in the process, we can reduce the time to market quite considerably. Before going into production, we develop and test a prototype and make any final design changes. McGilvra Engineering has the in-house capability for low volume production. We contract out higher volume production while maintaining oversight to ensure our quality standards are met.


Prototyping and Production

Prototyping is an essential phase of product development that enables you to see your product in action and make any final changes to the design before it goes into production. At McGilvra Engineering, we have a client-centered approach to design, engaging with you throughout the process. In this way, we believe that our prototype will closely match your requirements. In fact, we strive to exceed your expectations in many ways, and will not proceed with production until you are fully satisfied.

Unlike many other electronic design companies, McGilvra Engineering has in-house production capability for low volumes of product. For higher volumes, we use external manufacturers that give us oversight of the production process. This enables us to control each stage of the production process and check that the product conforms to our strict quality standards.

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