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A vast range of image sensors has been developed to suit applications in many industries including automotive, security, video recording, broadcasting, space exploration, process control, machine vision, scientific measurement, motion capture and biometrics. They are also used extensively in medical analysis, diagnostics, and surgical procedures.

There is a good chance that you may find an off-the-shelf solution to meet your needs.

However, with so many choices, it can be frustrating to select the right digital image sensor to meet your requirements. We can help you choose. The engineers at McGilvra Engineering will evaluate the options find the right fit for your project. If we find no suitable off-the-shelf products, we have the technical expertise and capabilities to design custom image sensing solutions for your applications.


Why Choose a Custom Digital Image Sensor Solution?

A custom solution offers you complete control over the sensor design and gives you advantages over off-the-shelf options. Custom digital image sensors:

  • Meet your specifications exactly and outperform off-the-shelf sensors.
  • Provide complete control over the supply chain.
  • Increase design flexibility to adapt to your app’s changing needs.


Our Customized Solutions Offer You Flexibility

Custom designs offer you the flexibility to tweak both hardware and software to meet your growing business’s changing needs. We use our application engineering skills to design custom image sensing solutions from the ground up. We complement these solutions with circuit design and firmware to provide clients like you with the best visionary products to solve your image sensing challenges.

Our Development Process of Digital Image Sensors

At McGilvra Engineering, image sensor design and development include you in every step of the process. We conduct formal review meetings when important milestones are reached to ensure the project is on track. When we develop a digital image sensor solution, we follow this general development process:

  • When the project launches, we encourage clients to outline their vision for the product. Clients identify their image sensing challenges and what outcome they want the solution to achieve.
  • Then, our team conducts a brainstorming session to produce ideas for all potential solutions to clients’ problems and identify the best approaches.
  • Next, we evaluate the off-the-shelf solutions. If we find no suitable match, we try to identify a product we can modify to suit clients’ requirements.
  • We also look at our similar past design solutions for something we can adapt for your application.
  • When all these possibilities have been exhausted, we resort to custom design.


After finalizing the design, we have the in-house capabilities to develop prototypes for testing purposes. Clients can see the product in operation with the prototypes and together we make design changes.

We Offer Full-Scale Digital Image Sensor Production

McGivra Engineering has the facilities to handle low-volume digital image sensor production. For the production of higher volumes, we contract with outside manufacturing companies while maintaining oversight of the entire production process. We give quality the highest priority at every production process stage and we ensure that contractors conform to our same exacting standards.

We go the extra mile to develop the best and most cost-effective image sensing solution for your needs.

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