We Are Experts in Circuit Board Design

Off-the-shelf circuit boards don’t always meet application developers’ requirements, so often developers opt for a custom solution. McGilvra Engineering designs custom circuit boards for applications using state-of-the-art tools and methods. With over 30 years’ experience, McGilvra Engineering has built up a solid track record in the design and fabrication of circuits for a wide range of applications, so you can trust our engineers to develop the right solution for your app.

If your design requires firmware, we can assist you in the selection of a micro-controller that addresses your current challenges and accommodates your evolving needs. We support all firmware with lifetime updates that you control.

We Are Certified as an Altium Professional Design Service Bureau

Custom circuit design requires the expert know-how and skills to produce a reliable product. But the design alone is not enough to guarantee performance, and poor component layout and routing can compromise the best circuit design.

Electronic design software giant Altium has recognized our expertise in electronic circuit design and certified our firm as a Professional Design Service Bureau. This certification and partnership with Altium indicate that our design team has the experience to address the electrical, mechanical and thermal aspects that are critical to circuit board design. Our Chief Engineer holds a masters degree in electrical engineering and he has in-depth, hands-on mechanical engineering knowledge.

We know the factors that affect circuit board manufacturing and assembly and we know how to plan for them. During the design process, we take measures to maximize performance, while ensuring timely production and products with long-term reliability.


Prototype Development

All circuit board designs need to be validated by developing and testing a prototype. A typical prototype development cycle consists of design, checking, building, and evaluation. Any design changes are identified during the evaluation phase, which requires the board to be re-spun before repeating the evaluation process.

At McGilvra Engineering, we take the time up front to listen to our clients’ needs before starting the circuit board design. We review your specifications and accommodate them in our design. We believe that by doing this, we can avoid unnecessary design changes which delay the time-to-market.


Our Commitment to Quality

McGilvra Engineering is recognized for its technical expertise in the design and fabrication of custom circuit boards, so we’ve established quality standards and metrics for each phase of the custom circuit board process. We’re proud of our work, so we check all products against our strict quality standards before submitting them to you.

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