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McGilvra Engineering was founded in 1995 to help others enable their ideas through creative electronic design. Owner Al McGilvra holds a BSEE from the University of Michigan and a MSEE from Michigan State University and has been designing electronics since 1983.

McGilvra Engineering’s experience is centered on circuit design, software, and systems design. This experience serves our clients well by giving us a deep physical understanding of the circuits we design and an appreciation for the overall system in which the circuits operate.

The McGilvra Engineering Team includes:

Al McGilvra, Chief Engineer, and a master technician/machinist

Many talented associates such as; mechanical engineers, industrial designers, software engineers, optics experts, plastics experts, electric machine experts, battery experts, even marketing gurus we team up with as needed to help our entrepreneurial clients get to market.


The approach we take is to listen first, then listen some more, then really listen.

We brainstorm on how your problem may be solved and assess the potential solutions.  If you don’t really need a custom solution we’ll tell you about any off-the-shelf solutions we know about, which will save you a bunch of money. If it appears a custom solution may be called for, the first thing we do is a search for an off-the-shelf solution that could be modified to suit your needs, this also saves you money. Only when all available possibilities are exhausted do we embark on a fully custom solution. Even then it is likely we have designed similar solutions in the past which shortens your development cycle and lowers the cost.

Call anytime to discuss a problem or just to get a question answered. We’ve helped many people with just a quick phone call that gets them going in the right direction.

We look forward to discussing your project with you!

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