Analog Circuit Design

Analog design is a rare skill these days but whenever a device connects to the real world it must connect through an analog circuit. Every measurement or control of physical quantities requires an analog circuit. Our experience goes back far enough to embrace all things analog. We love it and we are good at it.

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Image Sensing

Image sensing and embedded vision are emerging technologies important to assisted driving and autonomous vehicles. They also have applications in security, defense, drones, etc. We are partnering with the industry leader in high-performance image sensors to bring unheard of image quality to embedded vision systems.

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Embedded Systems

Microcontrollers are embedded in almost every modern design. We work with the ARM microcontroller family, the Microchip family, Texas Instruments and more. Post-delivery firmware updates are easy because we provide you with the equipment to make firmware updates at your facility.

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What we do…

We design electronic hardware and software and have been doing it for a very long time. We keep our overhead low and our response time fast. This means lower cost and faster time to market for you.

We work in the automotive, industrial, defense, laboratory, and consumer electronic design spaces. See our Portfolio for some examples.

We have full prototyping and production capabilities that go beyond circuit boards into custom cabling, extreme duty packaging, 3D printing, custom machining, low volume molding, etc.

We have a deep repertoire of technical skills but more importantly we have listening skills. We listen very carefully to your objectives and then discuss potential solutions from the latest that technology has to offer. Learn more about our services.

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Why not call us…

It costs nothing to call us and discuss a potential project or explore a technical issue. We have helped countless individuals and companies simply by pointing them to an existing solution or answering technical questions. Sometimes they become clients, sometimes they don’t. Either way we build good will and that’s good business.

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